We Believe that amazing, Healthy and Beautiful Hair is a journey. When choosing a stylist your entering into a relationship, this is why you must be comfortable and trust your Stylist. Our vision is to enhance our clients natural beauty with great customized Colour and never compromise condition for a short-term result. We want longevity.

Our Motto” less is more ” we use clever placement techniques for maximum impact without the Damage. We also use only the best Extensions to achieve Volume and colour results when needed. We are constantly training to bring our customers the best care their hair needs.

We do things a little differently if you have your hair coloured with us we design a home care routine to suit you. You wouldn’t wash your designer dress in supermarket soap, would you? No! that bad boys going to the best dry cleaner in town! That’s how we teach you to treat your hair. When you make an appointment you’re invited to have a complimentary consultation with your stylist to map out your hair journey with us.

We ask you to take any products you use at home and advice you on these. We don’t care if you don’t buy them from us, of course, you can but we insist on you using professional as professional colour services must be maintained with professional Homecare. The consultation is a great way to get a feel for your stylist and gives us an opportunity to get to know you.

Invest in your Hair, you wear it every Day x

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